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Make-A-Wish Foundation - Josiah Lanigan

Kroyer Racing Engines had the opportunity to provide a lasting memory for a young man from Salem, Oregon. Josiah Lanigan, age 7, had made a "Make A Wish" request to visit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The wish was granted and he was acccompanied by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, also from Salem, Oregon, as well as his friends Rickey and Dee Stephan of Fernley, Nevada.

Josiah, who suffers from Asperger's Syndrom, excels in NASCAR team knowledge and stats, and kept his tour guide on his toes with theam related questions. He admittedly did not know much about off-road racing, and was surprised to learn that several NASCAR stars and drivers, such as Jimmy Johnson, Robbie Gordon, Brendan Gaughan and others had their reace beginnings in off-road racing.

Josiah had a great time touring the engine shop, inspecting engines in the build process, as well as viewing engine and chassis dynamometer runs. He also got a very close look at the Trophy Truck of Steve Strobel, the Polaris RZR of Kevin Kroyer, and Brendan Gaughan's NASCAR Nationwide Series race car. He was in awe standing next to the Trophy Truck's tire that was almost as tall as him. He was full of smiles reviewing South Point Racing's trophy room, but the highlight was actually sitting in Brendan Gaughan's race car.

His grandmother tells us that he has not stopped talking about his tour of Kroyer Racing Engines since his visit. We are delighted to answer the wishes of the children from the "Make A Wish" Foundation in the best way we can.

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