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Kroyer Racing Engines builds racing engine packages for a wide variety of racing series and classes. Our goal is to produce the "Total Powertrain Package" which includes a fully dressed engine, matching transmission and torque converter package for optimizing the power transmission to the driving wheels, and in conjunction with GearWorks, a differential that suits transmission gearing, wheel diameter, and changing race track conditions. We also offer a variety of electronics packages for precision engine management, logging and displaying live data, electronically activating outputs such as fans, and fuel pumps, GPS tracking, and more.


We build race ready, reliable, high performance engines to suit your vehicle. These engines are designed to be complete for easy installation in the vehicle. This includes the water pump, power steering pump, oil pump, flex plate, alternator, front drive, fuel-injection/carburetor, motor plates, etc.

Some of the classes we already support include:

  • Trophy / Trick Trucks
  • Class 1 / 1500 Cars
  • Class 6 / 7200 Trucks
  • Class 10 Cars
  • Pro-2, Pro-4, & Pro-Lite Trucks
  • Pro-Buggies
  • Pre-Runners
  • Polaris / Kawasaki UTVs (Development Only)
  • Shelby Cobras (and replicas) (Development Only)


We assemble GM TH400 and 4L85 transmissions that can endure the toughest of off-road racing conditions. Each component has been engineered and designed to be as strong as possible while fitting the space constraints that we are allotted. Our transmissions are fully dressed for easy, quick installation reducing the customer labor that would be involved in swapping torque converters, extension housings, mount plates, plumbing, or other miscellaneous items.

All transmissions are dynamometer tested before shipping to the customer to verify that the transmission operates as designed. Our dynamometers have similar power to the vehicles that they will be operating in, unlike most electric motor driven versions, so that we can test the transmissions in very similar operating conditions that they would see on the track. Our transmission dynamometers are capable of recording input shaft and output shaft speeds, oil level, cooler flow, gear position, mainline and individual gear pressures, cooler out/cooler in pressure and temperature, converter efficiency/slippage, transmission slippage, torque converter K-Factor, and more.

Data/Electronics Packages

We offer a variety of MoTeC electronics packages for engine management and data acquisition for all types of vehicles. This allows us to accurately tune engines to optimize power and driveablilty, log running conditions recorded from various sensors on the vehicle for diagnostics and verification, and set user-configurable, easily understandable alarms to warn the drivers/co-drivers of a potential issue.

Some of the hardware that we employ include:

  • MoTeC M800 ECU’s
  • MoTeC ADL & SDL  Dashes
  • Redline Weber ECU’s

Some of the logged data we can acquire include:

  • Engine Sensors
  • Transmission Sensors
  • Power Distribution Information
  • Power Steering Pressure/Temperature/Steering Angle
  • Shock Temp/Pressure/Travel
  • GPS Location/Speed
  • Any other sensor installed on the vehicle


For more information, please visit: The Kroyer Advantage, or call us at: 702-651-2071.

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