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The Kroyer Advantage

"Expense in the racing industry is measured in a ratio of success to failure. In the end it is MORE expensive to lose a race then it is to FINISH and WIN."
"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low price fades"


In 2003 Kroyer Racing Engines became the first company in the off-road racing industry to offer the “Complete Powertrain Package.” Offering this package allows us to maintain a well balanced operating relationship between the engine, transmission, and differential allowing for better power transmission to the wheels. This results in greater acceleration, higher top speeds, better pedal-feel and drivability, and increased reliability.

Our package starts with a high-powered, well-engineered engine of your choice. We have spent countless hours developing a durable combination of parts that has been proven to consistently attain top finishing spots in races. We offer a variety of engine configurations to match your vehicle’s requirements, and can also build to suit.

Along with a great engine you must also have the right combination of drivetrain components to transmit the available power to the ground reliability. Kroyer Racing Engines has an in-house partnership with GearWorks to provide this cutting edge and race winning arrangement.

As a product of this alliance, we have developed a torque converter and transmission combination that allow the vehicle to take advantage of the wide power band offered. A durable differential, one of GearWorks signature products, is available in a wide variety of final drive ratios to suit your transmission gear ratios, under drive/v-drive ratios, tire diameter, and high demand operating conditions.

In addition to the mechanical powertrain products, we also offer various electronics/data packages to suit your budget and development needs. This allows us to monitor running conditions of the vehicle, to program alarms so that the drivers/co-drivers are more aware as to what may be of concern during a race, to ensure longevity, make adjustments, consult with drivers on driving technique, and quickly diagnose issues, should they arise.


Kroyer Racing Engines understands that our customers have many options from whom to purchase a high-performance powertrain from; however, our “Race Ready” philosophy sets KRE apart from the rest. Many of our competitors sell engines that need to be completed and final dressed before installation, leaving a large amount of labor to the racer and team. This labor consists of countless hours trying to source, install, and align these parts on each engine to make it “race ready”. Some of the parts that you may be responsible for installing include but are not limited to: wiring harnesses, oil pumps and oil lines, alternators, power steering pumps, water pumps, front drive accessories (type/alignment), etc.

Knowing that these incomplete engines seem to be a standard in this industry, we choose to offer a solution. In order to maximize our customer’s chances of success, we want to make sure that not only are the engines up to our standards, but also that the accessories mounted to them are aligned properly, all of the pulley speeds are optimized, the plumbing is correct, and the wiring/electronics are configured accurately. This simplifies installation and reduces your labor, considerably offsetting the cost of the initial purchase price.


All engines that KRE assembles are run-in, tuned, and thoroughly tested on our engine dynamometers. All transmissions are tested similarly on our transmission dynamometers. After the engine is installed in the vehicle, we offer additional chassis dynamometer testing for a final fine tune (as engine environmental conditions change when installed in the vehicle). This thorough testing process allows us to help minimize race failures and ensure that our final product will produce the best performance in the vehicle in which it is installed before the vehicle enters the race track.


In addition to the services that we are able to provide from our shop, we further assist our clients by offering experienced track support. At each major race of the SCORE, BITD, SNORE, LOORS, and TORQ series’ we have one to five trained and experienced employees supporting our products. This includes retrieving and reviewing logged data, maintaining contact with our customers before and during the race, and diagnosing and repairing any issue that may come about.


  • In 2011 alone, Kroyer Racing Engines powered vehicles won twelve separate championships. KRE was also announced the SCORE – Engine Builder of the Year for the second consecutive year in a row.

  • Our “Whole Vehicle Approach” gives us the opportunity to help our customers with the things that other engine builders don’t offer, such as cooling system recommendations, plumbing options, complete fuel systems, and a full array of Motec Fuel Injection, Data Acquisition, and wiring support. From where air enters the engine to where the rubber meets the road, Kroyer Racing Engines can help!

  • The experience that KRE has to offer is second to none. Each year we strive to make our product increasingly superior, and work towards helping our customers win championships.

  • The purchase of a Kroyer Racing high performance engine and/or power train automatically comes with professional and reliable track side support that is there to assist you from race preparation to the finish line.

  • Why not choose the best and most reliable powertrain in the industry and receive the highest return for your investment?

For more information, please contact us at: (702) 651-2071.

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